Welcome to CS 421! #

We are preparing the site for the Spring 2021 semester. Feel free to look around, but note that not all the pages are up yet.

Welcome to CS 421! This course is about programming languages. As a result of taking this course, you can expect the following:

  • You will learn how to implement a programming language.
    • You will not be merely a “consumer” of languages; you will have the ability to create your own.
    • You will be able to document the language so that other people can understand your language, and create their own implementations without breaking anything.
    • You will be able to look at a research paper on languages and at least have an idea what they are talking about.
    • You will understand some of the fundamental abilities and limitations of programming languages.
  • You will learn Functional Programming, an old paradigm of programming language that is starting to see rapid adoption in industry.
    • In particular, you will learn Haskell programming language.

Getting Started #

  • Join the CampusWire forum. It is invite only to prevent spam, and invitations will go out on the morning of January 25.
  • Read the Syllabus so you know what to expect from this course.